About Us

NTL Technology

is a rapid growing companies that specialist in Toner cartridge of printer in Cambodia, as such Machine HP printer, Canon Printer, Brother Printer, Machine Photocopy Canon new and second and all kinds of technology products.


NTL Technology
Was established in 2014, and in 2015 has become a full license company from the Ministry of Commerce.
In 2015
NTL Technology
Has cooperated with foreign companies and imported their own products.
In 2016
NTL Technology
Participated in the auction of institutions in Cambodia.
In 2017
NTL Technology
Obtain the exclusive right to supply its products to a large number of institutions and to create new additional services to meet the needs of consumers.


Our vision is:
NTL Technology wants to be the number one and leading provider of printer technology in Cambodia.


  • Focus on honesty, quality, affordability and good service
  • Offer free additional services at no charge
  • Provide location services and warranty
  • Provide clear information and accurate reporting to customers

Seller Team

Mr. Nov Tileang

Sale Manager

Mr. Ly Bunhong

Sale Consultant

Ms. Phin Somphors

Sale Consultant

Services Team

Mr. Nov Tiheang

Service Manager

Mr. Hem Touch

Machine Technician

Mr.Phan Rotha

Toner Cartridge Technician

Our Partners