Our Services


NTL Technology We have all ink cartridge inserts service

Such as

  • HP
  • Cannon
  • Brother
  • Epson
  • Sharp
  • Fuji


NTL Technology We have all kinds of printer repair service and photocopy repair service

Such as

  • HP
  • Cannon
  • Brother
  • Epson
  • Sharp
  • Fuji


There are all kind of printer and photocopy machine for rental.

Our Products

HP Brands

131A, 78A, 05A, 201A, 26A, 80A, 83A, 85A,

Canon Brands

NPG-28, NPG-51, NPG-52,

Epson Brands

Ink Epson,

Brother Brands

TN-2280, TN-2380, TN-3350, TN-2150, TN-2130, TN-1000, TN-2025, TN-2060, TN-3145, TN-3250, TN-3290, TN-3320, DR-3355, DR-1000, DR-2225, DR-3215, LC-73, LC-563,

Super Compatible

05A, 35A, 36A, 78A, 80A, 83A, 85A, 201A, 131A, 130A,

I Smart Compatible

85A, 83A, 80A, 26A, 201A, 05A, 78A, 131A,


TK-439, TK-4109,


MX-206GT, MX-500AT,

NTL Technology

Is a company specializing in ink cartridge in Cambodia with fast service, time, and affordable price.

Our company has services like :

  • Sell ​​ink toner
  • Insert the printer ink
  • Repair the printer
  • Rent a printer and a photocopy machine All kinds

NTL Technology also has partnerships such as banks, schools, hospitals and NGOs in Phnom Penh and other provinces in Cambodia.

Our Partners